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Customer behaviors and KPIs constantly change. Our data tools give you a snapshot of your business but also ensure you understand the why behind the data so you can focus on what’s important.

Service Offering

checkbox First-Party Data Optimization

checkbox Integrated Website Analytics

checkbox Customer Segmentation

checkbox Traffic Source Customization

checkbox Custom Metrics (e.g Reads)

checkbox Content Topic Modelling

checkbox Content Revenue Breakdowns

checkbox Content Creator Insights

checkbox KPI Anomaly Detection

checkbox Social Campaign Optimization

Spiny-Full_Data Solutions

Domain-driven insights for digital publishers

Easy automation for busy people

Easy automation for busy people

Streamline data workflows and reporting of your advertising, e-commerce & subscription business units and take action with comprehensive editorial, distribution, audience and financial analytics.

Data with historical context

Data with historical context

Gain integrated insights into your business with multiple perspectives on each report. With easy access to complete data, receive timely updates on your business performance and ensure you always have the full story.

AI + Expertise = Publisher Intelligence

Publisher Intelligence (PI)

Meet Spiny, The AI-powered storyteller. As your team becomes more remote, you’ll need a new teammate. Spiny makes data simple by turning it into stories so the rest of the team can focus on what they do best.

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