Spiny Features

Spiny makes monetization, management, editorial builds easy for digital publishers - All without having to dig into code or sieve through endless amounts of data

Real-time Dashboard

  • Keep your finger on the pulse and remain at the forefront of editorial, revenue and social trends as they begin to emerge.
  • Spiny projects how you’re pacing for the day, so you can distribute your resources wisely and keep your goals on track.
  • Get anomaly alerts for key occurrences such as surges of users to the website or underperforming ad units so you’re in the know when you need to know.

Content Creator Assessments

  • Understand who your most productive and engaging creators are and understand the metrics that set them apart.
  • A quality over quantity approach that rewards content creators who drive and foster a loyal following.
  • Delve beyond who is driving you the most sessions and focus on creators who are writing in the correct tone and producing high-value content.

Publisher Intelligence Feed

  • Digest your data in plain English with automated tweet-like reports that get straight to the point.
  • Users can interact with, digest and generate insights so there is the contextual understanding of your business data.
  • Automated notifications via email and slack so you don’t miss a beat, even when you’re on the go.

Content Recommendations

  • Spiny double-sided recommendations focus on both your best performing and worst performing topics.
  • Understand how each topic has performed over time and how much content you currently produce on selected keywords.
  • Timing is key and Spiny ensures you do not fall behind hitting key stories with timely alerts.

Anomaly detection

  • Spiny’s autonomous anomaly detection learns your unique trends and sends straight to the point alerts.
  • Instead of just highlighting the problems or changes, Spiny goes a step further to diagnose the root causes and suggest solutions.
  • Customise the alerts to your needs, giving you full control over what you need to be aware of.