Introducing Publisher Intelligence (PI)

The AI with publishing in its DNA. Spiny, the PI analyst, writes data stories,
curates insights and generates recommendations for you.

Digital publishers shouldn’t have to spend
time becoming data experts

The Problem:

The Problem:

As more digital publishers strive to become data-driven, every team has become burdened with data analysis obligations – made harder by complex dashboards, long delays getting the right data and most critically, conclusions that are drawn without knowledge of its historical context or how it impacts other teams.

The Solution:

The Solution:

Publisher Intelligence combines artificial intelligence with human expertise to stream key business insights straight to your personalized timeline. By leveraging historical data from each department, supercharge your data routine with contextualized data story points. Know what’s happening across the business all the time

No more reading between the lines.

Just the information you need, when you need it, written in plain English.

The Essentials

Spiny’s analytics platform integrates with your essential publishing apps and combines cross-enterprise
data into one analytics platform. But instead of just being another self-service reporting tool,
we are redefining how you publish your data.

Integrations with your essential publishing applications and get all your data under one roof.

Customizable analytics dashboard purpose-built for digital publishers and media companies.

The PI analyst streams roles-based business insights and recommendations to your team’s personal timelines.

Share and embed the data stories where your team already communicates to develop a collective consciousness.

How Publisher Intelligence works


Connect to your data sources with ease through our API connectors and do away with long repetitive tasks. Spend less time finding and cleaning data and more time understanding your data story.


With business insights automatically populated to your personalized timeline by Spiny, cut through the noise and create fast feedback loops that enhance your ability to focus on the parts of your business that need attention.


Our Publisher Intelligence delivers integrated insights in the palm of your hand for marketing, editorial, financial and executive teams giving you answers to questions before you even need to ask.


With the ability to comment and share the data stories on the communication channels you already use, get your teams to work intelligently together, focusing their time more on making decisions than digging for insights.


The Publisher Intelligence allows you to ensure your teams are working with collective consciousness. With the ability to now prioritize business tasks, be agile and respond proactively to changes in the business, your teams can make informed decisions.

Use Cases