Large-scale Publishers

End-to-end ad ops solutions to maximize operational efficiencies

What Spiny offers:

Revenue-Share Pricing Model

Revenue-Share Pricing Model

Our model is simple. By inducing a lift in your CPMs, RPMs and RPMs, we take a share of your incremental revenue.

Ad Quality and Ad Security

Ad Quality and Ad Security

Real-time security technology to maximize protection against malicious and low quality ads.

Contextual Targeting

Contextual Targeting

Leverage machine learning to optimize your content and audience to deliver on point targeting across your platform.

Publisher Intelligence Platform

Publisher Intelligence Platform

Stay in control with our PI management system that keeps you up-to-date on how you’re performing.

Bespoke solutions for publishers looking to accelerate the last mile of ad operations.
Our team of industry experts collaborate and work alongside you to provide custom offerings
based on your specific programmatic monetization needs.

Services for large-scale publishers

checkbox Custom Ad Tech Innovations - BidBarrel

checkbox Optimized Header-Bidding Auctions

checkbox Inventory Forecasting & Reporting

checkbox Custom Ad Serving Development

checkbox Video Display & Audio Ads Solutions

checkbox Discrepancy Optimization

checkbox Bidder Performance Evaluations

checkbox Multivariate Ad Testing

checkbox Exclusive Industry & Category Insights

checkbox Page Experience Optimization

checkbox Custom Publisher Intelligence Analytics Requests

checkbox Dedicated Ad Tech Support Team