Spiny’s Massive Transformative Purpose

“Helping content creators deliver pitch-perfect messages through collective consciousness”

Access to the right information has never been more critical, but what you do with that information is just as important. Words are the single most powerful force mankind has ever reckoned with. Yet, with great power comes great responsibility and we will be remembered for the action we took on the back of these words.

No generation before us has ever had the opportunity to discover and share information like we can today. The Spiny.ai community commits to take action. Our pledge is to cut through the noise and effectively communicate messages and insights to those who most need it.

Content creators and publishers deliver critical information to the world each and every day. They should not be bogged down with complex technologies and mountains of data.

It’s time to give publishers the tools and information they need to create shared consciousness within their organization, so they can better create shared consciousness within their audiences. Knowledge shared, is knowledge squared and will only serve to better us all.

So we are here to take meaningful action by empowering publishers to embed collective consciousness as part of their team culture and to create messages that resonate.


The Spiny Team