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Use Cases
Use Cases


Spiny keeps you updated with what you need to know in real time. Do away with having to wait on data or devling through reports before decision making. Spiny lets you get straight down to strategizing and making decisions.

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Get the Full PictureGet a holistic view on your whole business to consider all the moving pieces when developing your strategy
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Get Clear AnswersGet the information you need without any biases, just insights grounded in historical context and tailored to your business
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Get it AnywhereGet the information you need in real time, from any device. No more waiting for a meeting to get the latest news, stay informed wherever you are


Spiny lets you know how your content is performing, calling out trends and generating Tweet-like reports which show how your audience is engaging with you.

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Tune ItUnderstand which content is resonating with your audience so you can fine tune your delivery.
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View ItSee clearly which writers are meeting their goals and commitments, in the office and on the go.
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Track ItIdentify the outliers that are important to your team and ensure you’re staying on topic.

Finance / Ad Ops

Begin your day on a roll with automated reports on your traffic, impressions and eCPM reporting by our Publisher Intelligence analyst, allowing you to focus on optimizing your ad revenue.

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Speed UpAutomate your reports and performance, no longer rely on partners to provide information
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Fill UpEnsure your ad inventory gets filled and don’t leave ad dollars on the table.
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Stack UpOptimize your ad stack and ensure there are no discrepancies in reporting.

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