About Us

The fox knows many things, but the hedgehog knows one big thing.

— Greek parable

Our one big thing is publishing – 25 years’ worth of experience

$600MOnline Revenue
4.6BnYearly Page views
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Our Story

Spiny was born out of the need to tell meaningful stories.

Through our experiences creating and building digital publishing brands, we realized that the current landscape did not provide publishers with the necessary tools. Furthermore, the industry is undergoing yet another transformation, akin to the transition from print to digital publishing in the late ‘90s.

The next decade will place a premium on data analytics and data insights, content distribution, audience engagement, user experience and revenue optimization. As the medium of storytelling evolves, so too must a writer’s selection of quills. At Spiny, we are equipping content creators with the right tools so they can streamline their business operations and focus on what they do best.

Our Story

The Modern-Day Quill

The hedgehog concept is the cornerstone of Spiny. Our one big thing is building digital publishing brands that can communicate effectively and operate efficiently. Content creators should not have to become data gurus, ad operations specialists, or distribution experts to deliver pitch-perfect messages. Inspired by the writing quill and quills found on the back of the hedgehog, Spiny is committed to providing the modern-day quills and solutions for digital publishers.

Our Values

We are passionate and committed to shaping the future of storytelling and innovation in the digital publishing industry. Content creators contribute key information to the world every day and should be allowed to focus on doing just that. We pride ourselves on creating diverse communities that can offer a variety of perspectives and teachings to one another. We look to continue to build relationships that will become the genesis for creating solutions that empower storytellers.

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