Publisher Intelligence

Spiny's PI combines artificial intelligence with human expertise to maximize content value, newsroom performance and organizational data maturity

Publisher Intelligence
Publisher Intelligence
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Digital publishers shouldn’t have to spend time becoming data experts - let Spiny do the legwork for you!
PI Platform

All Your Publishing Data in One Place

PI Platform
  • Simple API connections to all your data sources
  • Hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly & yearly automated reports
  • Recommendations & insights for editorial, ad ops and executive teams
  • Data stories that can be shared, commented on and bookmarked to maximize collaboration

Supercharge Your SEO and Content Selection Efforts

PI Content
  • Automate your SEO with title, tag, metadata optimizations and recommendations
  • Optimize your SEO keyphrase frequency, word count & content production volume
  • Examine Twitter and Google News trends quickly with Spiny's topic aggregator
  • Recognize which topics are resonating best with your audience
PI Content
PI Content

Provide Value to Your Whole Team

PI Content
  • Track author KPIs from revenue, bounce rate and subscription conversions
  • Create individual author goals, team goals and thresholds
  • Customize author ranking factors by author type e.g newsdesk, SEO etc.
  • Connect with your editorial team directly in Spiny and progress collectively

See How Spiny Has Helped Publishers Grow

Spiny has fully empowered our team to not only make data-driven real-time decisions but also to implement highly-detailed strategies through one-of-a-kind, predictive publisher intelligence. In every aspect of our business, from staffing to revenue growth to metadata publishing, Spiny offers insights that truly pave the way for success.

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