How to Setup Subscriptions to Boost your Digital Publishing Business


Digital subscriptions and subscription-based business models are a growing trend in the media industry. While some digital publishing platforms are still trying to figure out content monetization, others have already established a subscriber base and revenue streams that can sustain their operations. This is mainly because of the changing consumer behavior and needs for high quality content, which is why it’s important for digital publishers to utilize this revenue stream.


  • Start with a simple digital subscription
  • Use subscriptions to boost loyalty, reduce churn and gather data
  • Combine subscriptions with your other business models
  • Use integrated payment and accounting systems
  • Tracking Revenue Sources
  • Subscriptions can help you grow your digital publishing business
  • Conclusion

1. Start with a simple digital subscription

A subscription is a payment that recurs over time, and the idea of signing up for a subscription is now one of the most popular ways for people to pay for products and services online. The benefits of subscriptions are many:

  • Subscriptions are a great way to grow your business. As you offer more value through regular content updates, you'll attract loyal readers who will pay every month without fail (or at least they should).
  • Subscriptions are a great way to boost loyalty and reduce churn. When customers have access to all your latest content in one place, they're less likely to cancel their subscription or stop reading altogether because they don't have enough content on hand!
  • Subscriptions are a great way to gather data about your audience, which can help inform future decisions like what kinds of content should be created next or what kind of features might work best in this format.

2. Use subscriptions to boost loyalty, reduce churn and gather data

Subscribing to relevant content is one of the best ways to keep your readers coming back for more. If you have a blog or website where people can subscribe to receive updates about new articles or ebooks, this is a good way for them to stay engaged with what you're doing and make sure they're up-to-date with everything happening in their industry or niche area of interest.

You'll also be able to gain valuable insights into how many people are reading different parts of your site—and whether there's anything wrong with any part of it (or just specific sections). This knowledge will allow future improvements before they happen organically through organic traffic sources like SEO rankings; it also helps prevent issues from arising later down the line when it comes time for another redesign project!

3. Combine subscriptions with your other business models

You should also consider combining subscriptions with other models and business lines. For example, you can offer a subscription to customers who buy your e-book. This is great for authors because it encourages readers to support them financially while allowing them to keep the rights to their work.

Another way to combine subscriptions with other models involves adding more value through exclusive content or resources. If you create a blog that publishes articles related to your niche and include access codes within each post, then people are more likely to subscribe because they have something extra beyond what everyone else has access too!

It's also possible that offering different types of content on a single platform could help attract new subscribers (and therefore generate additional revenue).

4. Use integrated payment and accounting systems

Integrated systems are more secure because they're less likely to have vulnerabilities or bugs (and if they do, it's easy to fix). They're also easier for your customers to use and more cost-effective for you. Integrated systems are also more reliable than separate payment and accounting systems because they can handle unique situations like refunds or returns. And finally, integrated systems are more scalable—they can support many different payment methods and allow you to easily add new ones as needed.

5. Tracking Revenue Sources

Spiny is the best tool for tracking your revenue sources. When you start using Spiny, we ask you to add all of your subscription prices and then let us know how many monthly subscribers you have. We track all of this information so that when a user signs up for a subscription on your site, we can assign them to the right plan with no manual updating required! We also let you track revenue sources like advertising and merch sales in addition to subscriptions.

You can use this information to see what’s working well for your business so that you can focus on those areas moving forward. For example: if most of your traffic comes from Facebook ads but only 10% convert into paid customers compared with 40% coming from Google Adsense ads (which are free), it might be time to invest more money into Facebook ads or seek out other ways of monetization such as sponsored posts or affiliate links.

Subscriptions can help you grow your digital publishing business

Subscriptions are a great way to grow your business. It can generate recurring revenue, reduce churn and loyalty, help you gather data on your customers and allow you to offer multiple content streams in one place. Subscriptions can be combined with other business models like advertising or eCommerce sales to create a powerful presence that allows readers to become subscribers without being locked into any single platform. Integrating payments and accounting systems into subscriptions is also an excellent way of maintaining control over all aspects of managing products or services offered via subscription models such as SaaS (Software as a Service) businesses.


Subscriptions are a powerful tool for digital publishers, and we’ve highlighted four ways to use them in your business. By taking advantage of subscriptions, you can build loyalty among your readers and reduce churn by making it easy for them to renew their memberships. You can also gather data on the users who subscribe so that you can tailor content more effectively; plus they will be more likely to come back if they feel like they’re getting something out of their time spent with your company. Finally, combining subscriptions with other models like micro-payments or advertising will help keep revenues flowing even when there aren't many sales happening.

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