How's Monetization Features Made Prep Network Thousands More Per Month

By utilizing Spiny's monetization tools Prep Network has created an efficient and reliable revenue source, with little to no work that generates regular monthly net profits, ontop of Spiny's Analytics suite.


I think with a lot of these tools, everyone promises super easy integration and it was actually true for this one, which is nice. It was easier on our developers...

Kevin Grow - Director of Marketing

PrepNetwork is a network of high school sports reporting sites, focusing on basketball, football, and soccer. They have a large national presence and were looking to boost their programmatic revenue beyond what GAM previously could.

Prior to using Spiny's Analytics and Programatic Monetization Tools, Prep Network did not run ads on site, they decideded to remove ads after poor previous results from just GAM.

After 3 months of using Spiny with profitable results we sat down with Kevin Grow, Director of Marketing at Prep Network to see how they have found using Spiny.

How did you hear about Spiny and what was your experience learning about it?

Yeah, so we found Spiny through a social post, I guess. We live in the sports world and are familiar with sites like On3. We operate in a different demographic as college recruiting websites, we operate high school recruiting websites and saw a few posts about your product. We had been without ads for a while. We had done some Google programmatic ads in the past and just we're interested in seeing what it would be like to bring that back for our non-subscribers and to see the value that could have.

Compared to your previous experience with Google’s Programmatic ads, how is Spiny different?

It's been really nice that your team handles, so much of the implementation in the fixing of things. I think that's probably been the best part of our relationship. The implementation was very smooth, we were able to the pages, content types, categories and user types that saw Ads, creating a very custom experience.

Even now, if we see an ad unit that we don't like or a page that we might want to hide and not have ads on. The Spiny team is super responsive, It's nice to have a connection in slack. I think that's been really helpful. I think with a lot of these tools, everyone promises super easy integration and it was actually true for this one, which is nice. It was easier on our developers, now it's just optimizing it from time to time and not have to think about it too much.

What would you say your expectations were going into this? And do you think Spiny’s product has met the expectations you had for monetization lift?

Yeah, I would say that I think it was helpful because in talking to you and your team, I think expectations and the process was pretty clear. Spiny has definitely met expectations about the amount of revenue we expected and just the workflow that we were hoping for. I think is it's a solid product.

How has the setup, onboarding and support been for you?

I can only speak for what I've seen. But it was easy for our developers to work with your team and the support on the product has been amazing.

Have you used much of the Spiny Analytics suite?

I do like it, I think probably the thing that I look at the most often is the weekly dashboard of Ad Revenue and Data Stories.

Would you say that Spiny is a product that you would recommend to others?

Yes, especially if they're a company that wants to want to drive revenue through traffic. I think obviously the more traffic the better and the more value that Spiny can provide for you. It's a nice way to add an additional revenue stream that works with little effort.

Obviously, because of Spiny’s monetization solution you're not paying for the analytics product or anything else. You're making a total profit on Spiny. Would you say if someone was looking for an analytics or software product, that’s a big plus?

Yeah, it's nice because we used to have analytics tools that we use that we were comfortable with and there's not as much pressure in this as only an analytics thing. For us it's great to get the value out of the analytics as well as the ad revenue.

Any other comments or anything you'd like to say?

No, I think just generally your team has been a pleasure to work with. So thanks for having good support, and good availability. And hopefully we can continue to drive, more revenue.

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