Bidroll and Revenue Optimization - On3

Senior director and VP of On3 explain how BidRoll identifies and increases revenue areas. They also emphasised the importance of real-time data in providing a clear understanding of performance, enabling effective decision-making.

Where Spiny has upped the game is on the revenue side.

Jamie Oakes - Senior Director

On3 is the premier college sports digital media, data and marketing company for fans, media, coaches, and athletes. On3 has scaled to be one of the largest digital publishing businesses in Sports within a year of starting.

"Where Spiny has upped the game is on the revenue side. To be able to see things in real-time that are driving the most revenue. As our editors look at that, they make editorial decisions based on that revenue return. So in real-time, Spiny has allowed us to make decisions that will increase revenue"

"Bidroll has helped us increase efficiency on the site. Bidroll has really increased revenue through increasing the viewability of our ad units, increased competition for our ad networks for each impression. It helps us to do things that we wouldn't have been able to do otherwise"

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